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Write For Us is a community blog where you can publish topics related to News Updates, Technology, Biographies, Business, Crypto, Fashion, Health, Law, Travel, Entertainment. The information presented on our blog is related to fashion, technology, biography, law, and many other topics. The Guest Posting section of Newseology allows everyone to share their ideas through words.

Follow these guidelines when posting as a guest

If you would like to publish your thoughts on our blog, please follow these guidelines.

Article length:

The article should be well-researched and informative with at least 700 and 1000 words, since it should be engaging for viewers as well as effective for search engines. Please ensure that your article meets this first requirement.

Following are topics:

To write a successful blog post, you need to choose a topic that is relevant to our blog. You will be able to publish your article on our blog sooner if you do this. Hence, you must make sure that the article you write and submit is relevant to the categories on our blog.

These categories include:

Please submit articles that relate to the following categories:

– Entertainment

– News Update

– Technology

– Biography

– Business

– Fashion 

– Health

– Crypto

– Law

The blogs you write about these topics would be an excellent resource for our blog. You should also avoid sending us write-ups that are entirely unrelated, since they are unlikely to be posted.

External links:

You can also link back to your own blog if your content is relevant. There is one Do Follow link allowed per blog, which must be relevant and must point to your own blog.

Selling stuff:

Guest postings should not be used for promoting or advertising any other products or commercial sites since this falls under the advertising section. If you are interested in a sponsored post opportunity, please contact us with the subject title “Sponsored and Advertisement”.

Factors to consider:

You should write articles that are optimistic and powerful. We have already published examples on our blog,, if you’d like to see some examples.

Reader-friendly writing:

It is important to write the posts in a way that conveys your own words and personality. You should keep in mind the targeted audience and write articles that are engaging.

Your articles should be reader-friendly:

An article that is reader-friendly would be easier for readers to read since the message would be easily understood. Make sure your articles contain related headings, subheadings, and important terms in bold. Use bullet points wherever you feel they are necessary.

Sources of media:

The readers would surely be attracted to an article if it included visuals. As a result, make sure to include relevant images, infographics, and videos in your article along with proper attribution.

Affiliate links are not included:

Since affiliate links would harm our website’s reputation, we do not allow them in our articles. Please contact us with the subject name “advertising” if you are interested in promoting your affiliate link or something promotional.


It is not permitted to publish any write-ups that are copied and pasted from other websites. We would never accept a post like this. In the event that we find that you have plagiarized our content, your article will be removed from the site and will not be published. As much as we appreciate others’ hard work, you should do the same.

Here’s how to submit your article

Please submit your articles as Microsoft Word documents. Please send us your ideas and pitch before you submit an article if you wish to write for us.

If you would like to get in touch, please email:

Subject: Guest Posting or Advertising

– Topic ideas

– The website you wish to link

If you follow our guidelines, we will surely get back to you.