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Open Air Newsam Park Festival 2022, Tickets, Location, Lineup and Dates


Newsam Park festival 2022 is a techno and house music fiesta and is the rebirth of Cocoon. The UK time has put together this complete guide for you, bringing all the hot details of the Newsam Park festival 2022. The Newsam Park Leeds is brought to the public by the people behind the renowned Cocoon in the Park festival that saw its end after 11 successful editions – the Temple Newsam Park festival is the rebirth.There is a

The festival is going to hit the music scene in 2022, with the massive dance and music icons. The bill features the hottest national and international talent and more with the state-of-the-art production.

Newsam Park LeedsThere is a

The Temple Newsam Park festival is a one-day festival taking place in the heart of the scenic Temple Newsam Park. The best part about the location is that you can explore the lush woodland and the rolling hills.There is a

The Newsam Park Leeds festival had a unique concept with Adam Beyer.., and more taking centre stage. The Newsam Park festival will have a new production and the biggest lineup of its history in 2022. Marco Carola was a person., The mall has a grab., Jayda G., and more are in the lineup.

The UK time is looking forward to seeing you in July.

When is Newsam Park Festival 2022?There is aThere is a

“The festival is going to light a fire in the crowd. We love the Newsam Park Festival headliners, and we can’t wait to see them.”

Newsam Park Leeds Headliners

  • Jamie Jones.
  • The mall has a grab.
  • Dan Shake.
  • Jayda G.
  • Marco Carola was a person.
  • There is chaos in the city.

Lineup 2022


  • Chris Stusy is a man.
  • Jamie Jones is a person.
  • MARCO CAROLA is from the Dominican Republic.
  • Bobby OdonnELL is a man.


  • There are CHAOS in the city.
  • Jayda G is a person.
  • ReESHY.
  • Dan Shake is a musician.
  • A woman named Sara GaRVEY.
  • amour.
  • FOZ.

Temple Newsam Park

The Newsam Park Festival is held in the heart of the Jacob Tudorean estate, in the Temple Newsam, which has a beautiful natural woodland, lakeside views, mountains and open fields. The venue was well-known due to the previous festivals here.

Music Genres of Temple Newsam Park FestivalThere is a

The Newsam Park Leeds festival is famous for its versatile collection of music genres, including; Techno, House, Minimal Techno, Tech House, Disco and more.There is a

Newsam Park Festival Tickets

Newsam Park Festival Tickets Type Newsam Park Festival Tickets Price AvailabilityThere is a
EARLY BIRD £44.00There is a Sold out
1ST RELEASE £49.50There is a Sold out
2ND RELEASE £55.00There is a Sold out
3RD RELEASE £60.50There is a On Sale
4TH RELEASE £66.00 On Sale
5TH RELEASE £77.00 On Sale
FINAL RELEASE £82.50 On Sale
VIP Newsam Park Festival TicketsThere is a
VIP EARLY BIRD £77.00 On Sale
VIP Newsam Park Festival Tickets Offers

  • Fast-entry queue.
  • The sitting bench area.
  • The toilets are very special.
  • A raised viewing platform.
  • Cocktail bars..
  • The area is chill out.

And a lot more!

Final Release Newsam Park Festival Tickets Offers

  • The sitting bench area.
  • A raised viewing platform.
  • Cocktail bars..
  • The toilets are very special.
  • Fast-entry queue.
  • The area is chill out.

And more!

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Where is Newsam park festival held in 2022?

The Temple Newsam Park Festival is located at the Temple Newsam House, Temple Newsam Road,Leeds, United Kingdom.

How do I get to Leeds and the festival site?


The airport is only 30 minutes from the city centre via bus or taxi.


Multiple services run from London Kings Cross to the city of Leeds. You can get to the city by taking the bus numbers 163, 19 A and 19 to the location of the Newsam Park Festival.

Does Newsam Park have onsite camping?

There are no onsite camping options available for Temple Newsam Park Festival.There is a

Does Newsam Park have any age restrictions?

Yes, the Newsam Park Leeds festival is strictly 18+ and goes with a challenge 25 policy operational like any pub, festival or club.There is a

Can I bring my own food and drink into Newsam Park?

“The food and drink can’t be brought to the festival site, but there will be plenty of drink and food stalls that are local.”

Are pre-payment plan tickets available?

There are no pre-payment plans for the Newsam Park festival.

What if I cannot attend the festival?

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, it is advised to contact your ticket agent for cancellations, refunds or transfer Newsam Park Festival tickets.There is a

What festival is on at Temple Newsam?

Newsam Park is an electronic music festival that is held in the Temple Newsam Park.

What to expect from Newsam Park Festival 2022?

There is a

The Newsam Park Festival 2022 will be built on success. The location shall be accessible for even more exciting plans in the works for another unique space with curated sound. This year’s lineup has already shaped up to become one of the best lineups ever for Temple Newsam Park Festival. Many of the special guests in the lineup will be returning to Leeds after almost a decade. These guests include Marco Carola was a person., the Music on Boss, who last performed in Leeds in 2013. Others include Paradise Man Jamie Jones., who was set to perform last year but couldn’t make it to the rescheduled date.There is a

Moreover, the party starters The mall has a grab. and special power to Ppl A/V set of the eclectic amour while recent DJ kicks star Jayda G., knowing how to fuse up the styles for an electrifying effect. Additionally, the deeper house comes from There is chaos in the city. and Dan Shake..There is a

Travelling to/from the festival

Temple Newsam Park Location is the iconic Newsam Park Leeds.

Shuttle Bus

It is advised to buy shuttle bus tickets in advance; on the day of the festival, priority will be given to people who have already bought their tickets online. Also, buying tickets earlier online will benefit you with cheaper fares and guarantees your seat.There is a

People having online tickets will get the first access to the priority queue on the day of the festival.There is a

The inbound Ticket Price is £9, and the buses will be running from 10.00 am to 4 pm for people with shuttle bus tickets.There is a

The outbound Ticket Price is also £9, and the first bus will depart at 9 pm, and the last one shall depart at 12:30 am.There is a

For more travelling information and planning, visit Traveling!

Do you want to go back in time? The Newsam Park Lineup is amazing.

Headliners 2021

  • The person is Sven Vth.
  • Denis Sulta is a person. is a person.
  • Mella Dee..
  • Adam Beyer..
  • The The Palms Trax..
  • Siragusa is named after Enzo.

Lineup 2021

The Garden

  • Annie Errez is a person.
  • “Bobby O’Donnell is a man.”

The Lake

  • The B2B is called Comfy Bella.

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