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Marketing Benefits of Custom Logo Mats

Your business’ floors are a sales and marketing powerhouse Logo Mats. Are you using your floors to their full potential? While visual cues can be created through store windows, traditional signage, and wall displays, there is no doubt that floors are a great marketing tool. Floor mats are now in high demand. Floor mats that feature custom logos have evolved from a lowly tool in keeping floors clean into a powerful marketing device that will help you make sales

These Custom Logo Mats Are Unmissable

The primary marketing advantage of floors lies in their ability to be missed. Over 80% of the information our brain processes comes via our senses of sight. One of the primary things that we see whenever we enter a business or store is the floors. With strategic placements and creative visual design, custom floor mats can be a marketing advantage.

Logo Mats Can Be Made Completely Custom

Logo mats can be customized to suit your marketing plans rather than regular carpets or flooring. Custom logo floor mats can be designed to suit your marketing needs.

Personalized Floor Mats Can Be A Great Way to Advertise Your Brand

Custom logo mats are one of the most cost-effective advertising options you have for your business. They last longer than posters and signage. They also offer floor protection, which will help you save tons of money on repairs and replacements.

The Right Mats Are For You

All logo mats are not created equal. Some are superior to others, while others aren’t worth it. You should only trust the best custom emblem mats from ultimate rugs!

  • Our specialized logo mats provide the functionality you need and the design advantage your business deserves.
  • Superior slip resistance to protect customers and employees from slips-and-fall accidents
  • Premium quality printing to enhance the visual appeal
  • Strong materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic and last a lifetime for your busines

Floor Mats with Custom Logo

You don’t need to be complicated when designing your logo mat. These three goals are key to getting the perfect look for your logo-mat design.

  • It must be easily visible. You don’t just need to place your mats, but it is also important that you have a clear image and a large enough size for people to see.
  • It should communicate the right message. You must convey a consistent message with your company through the custom logo Floor Mat design.
  • It must look good. It should look good with the right mix of colors, fonts, and images.
  • These are some ideas to help you create the perfect design for your mat.

Consistency in Everything Is Important

 In designing custom logo flooring mats, consistency and quality are key. Consistency is key to enhancing your existing brand image (letterheads and building signage, business cards, and interiors) through the use of the same logo, colors, and design elements. Your logo mat should not stand out from the rest of your brand.

Keep It Clean

Avoid creating a ‘busy’ mat design. Too much clutter will cause the viewer to lose focus, which can be detrimental to your goal of making your brand as visible as possible. It doesn’t mean that everything should be the same. The key to creating a minimalist logo mat design is choosing one image to be the focal point. This can be your logo, brand name, welcome message, or logo. The main design should be highlighted by all the surrounding images.