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Flowerbomb Perfume Behind the Fame of This Amazing Scent


Flowerbomb perfume is a floral scent on Dossier, adored by ladies worldwide. The essence of fragrances is meant to make you feel better. People of all genders and ages love to own perfume bottles. The scent is valuable for different occasions.

This article in The UK Time will ponder on an aroma that even has a beautiful outlook. The container seems pinkish peach with a flower for décor. Furthermore, it belongs to Viktor & Rolf, a well-known French fashion brand, founded in 1993. 

Flowerbomb Perfume The Ingredients

Being a Dossier perfume, it sure will have ingredients that entail the faves of a female being. It has an abundance of floral ingredients, encompassing rose, jasmine, and orchid. Hence, it elaborates on the sweetness and slightly sensual sensation. 

Besides, it also endures the creamy-warm quintessence of vanilla which is surely a spec of a wiser human being. Next, this Dossier perfume has tea, which is neither too sweet nor too light, offering a perfect naturally green aroma. 

The more peachy and musky spirit in the perfume Flowerbomb is inserted by osmanthus and patchouli, respectively. Everyone is well aware of how the latter adds spicy strength to any fragrance they like. The perfume Flowerbomb also entails a citrus flavor called bergamot. 

Flowerbomb Perfume The Accords

According to, the Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb is highly based on floral accords. As the ingredients harmonize, the second accord is filled with patchouli. With the spicy muskiness, you will relish the woody accords as well in Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb

The other accords include sweet, spicy, and musky.

Flowerbomb Perfume The 3 Notes

The three levels of notes in any perfume define its longevity with the gradual emission of all its ingredients. As per any insightful Dossier perfume review, you will notice that the top notes are more green, citrus, and peachy.

This is due to tea, osmanthus, and bergamot. The blend of the aromas we mentioned will be the first trace you will observe. The middle notes define more floral ingredients after a while.

This discount perfume will then highlight orchid, jasmine, African orange flower, rose, and freesia. The base notes, which appear later, are ruled by musk, vanilla, and patchouli. Hence, the end will reveal resilient, yet warmer scents. 

Meanwhile, the discount perfume is not always available. You have to remain up to date to enjoy different deals at the stated shopping platform. 

Flowerbomb Perfume When Should a Woman Wear It?

Any astute Dossier perfume review will suggest you wear it for freshening your smell. Its patchouli and spiciness make it apt for night ceremonies with a silky dress and elegant jewelry. Moreover, its vanilla warmness is also suitable for winters. 

The Flowerbomb Dossier perfume keeps you close to nature. Hence an outing with your buddies to tourist sites is the perfect venue for wearing it. 

Flowerbomb Perfume The Alternatives

If the Flowerbomb is not available at, you can always look for alternatives. The whiffs inspired by the former will be the replacements. Gourmand White Flowers has notes of jasmine and vanilla that are similar to Flowerbomb.

Green tea, berries, and caramel are encompassed by the Gourmand White Flowers.

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