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12 Best Cheapest Colleges in London

“There is a problem with the educational needs of children with the drop-dead situation. We choose the cheapest colleges in London to meet our financial challenges. Even if there isn’t a war, the budget fluctuations require affordable options.”

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Following are listed the 12 cheapest colleges in London.

Kingston College

Listed as one of the most affordable colleges in London, it is situated near Kingston Hall Road, England. It offers numerous facilities like engineering workshops. Some other are motor vehicle workshop, Arena Sports Hall and gym, BigHead Recording studios, aviation centre and Penny School gallery.

Known as one of the cheapest colleges in London, this place also offers a TV studio to the students. They can produce live broadcasts and arrange talk shows with the audience. Kingston College is also among cheap engineering colleges because of its well-equipped training centre.

These engineering workshops also encompass the architecture according to the industry needs. The undergraduate centre comprises facilities for a variety of programmes like photography and fashion. It grades that Kingston College is not just among cheap but good colleges in London.

Stanmore College

Another one of the cheapest colleges in London firmed its pillars in 1987. Stanmore College has a highly skilled staff and is based in Greater London. Its core values exhibit the worth of the college.

The goal is to support learners in order to reach their full potential. The environment is designed to value everyone. Stanmore College offers online courses, part-time courses and full-time courses.

Being one of the best cheap colleges, its titles encompass engineering, nursing, radiography, Sports Science, teacher training and business studies. Other than bliss for the natives, if you require cheap colleges for international students, this is the correct list.

Useful information on the official website of this college include immigration, healthcare and travel guide.

Uxbridge College

Another in the loop of cheapest colleges in London is Uxbridge College. Situated near Park Road, it offers a convenient way to apply online. After the application, this college conducts an interview and proceeds to enrolment. There is a huge range of courses to select.

This one of the cheap but good colleges offers beauty therapy, IT, construction, games development, media, professional cookery, and science courses. Established in 1965, it is also listed as one of the cheap colleges for international students.

The location is near to City Centre and Heathrow, which is easy for traveling. There are English language and pre-university courses for international students in one of these cheap engineering colleges.

Its students have gone to an array of good universities like Brunel University and London South Bank. Some other names include the University of Greenwich, University of West London, and Middlesex University of this cheap engineering colleges’ entry.

King’s College

“King’s College is one of the cheapest colleges in London. It was established in the 19th century. The motto is With Holiness and Wisdom. The historical campus is in central London.”

The royal charter is among the renowned colleges in London. It is a cheap college for international students. The libraries on the campuses have over 1 million books. There are journals and electronic resources.

“The Museum of Life Sciences is located at King’s. The music societies include jazz society, choir, orchestra, and musical theatre. Being one of the best colleges in London, it has multiple halls of residence.”

Some of the notable alumni include Sir Michael Houghton and Sir Francis Galton of this cheapest college in London entry.

Richmond upon Thames College

This college has been in business since 1977. It has over 3000 students. Technical qualifications and A Levels are included in some offers. It helps students of 16 to adults.

Being one of the cheapest colleges in London, it is a public further education college. The rugby stadium is located near the location. The nearest railway station is Twickenham.

The politician and actor Fionn Whitehead are notable. It was given good ratings by the inspectorate in the year. The first tertiary college in Greater London is this one.

There is an announcement of a merger.

Newham Sixth Form College

The cheapest college in London was established in 1992. The college is designed for students between the ages of 16 and 19 and currently has 2000 students enroll. It is a college that targets all genders.

There is a theatre and a cafe in the multiple facilities. It was a good college. It is one of the best colleges in London for personal development.

The college received 70000 pounds from the FE fund. The success of sports like cricket is the outcome. The notable alumni are a journalist, a writer and a broadcaster.

Newham Sixth Form College has more students who are poor than any other college.

Elizabeth School of London

The Elizabeth School of London is a newer entry on the list of cheapest colleges. Canary Wharf is where it is based. There are international offices in India. Pakistan, Vietnam, and Italy are also facilitating.

Being one of the best colleges in London, it accepts students from all over the world. It has a record of students proceeding to the universities and working in famous companies. Elizabeth School of London also assists in program counselling and career advice.

There are some national branches in Manchester and Birmingham. It has a wide range of courses. One of the most affordable colleges has courses on multiple levels. There are levels for undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and diplomas.

College of North West London

It is one of the cheapest colleges in London. The College of North West London was established in 1991. It accepts all genders and has an enrolement of 11000.

The United Colleges Group is one of the most affordable colleges. The merging of City of Westminster College with this is what happened. The courses range from entry-level to Foundation degrees.

The public can also use its salons at Wembley. The cheapest college offers courses and qualifications in around 20 sectors. Notable alumni include Robert Evans, Nonso Anozie, Roger Moorhouse, and Tommy Nutter.

Imperial College

Another one in the lane of cheap but good colleges encompasses this name. This public research university has a motto ‘scientific knowledge, the crowning glory and the safeguard of the empire’. It was established by royal charter in 1907.

It has an academic staff of more than 4000 individuals and above 19000 students. The major concerned domains are business, technology, medicine, and science. For undergraduate medical research, this one of the low tuition colleges has teaching hospitals.

Bellerbys College

International students are served by one of the cheapest out-of-state tuition colleges. It offers courses from A-Level to Accelerated International Year One. It has an exam preparation course.

The college campuses in London and BRIGHTON are some of the best in the world. It is one of the cheapest out-of-state tuition colleges.

The official website has information about fees, IELT test center, virtual open events, and more.

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

The cheapest out-of-state tuition college is for training young actors. It has more than 1000 students. One of the cheapest private colleges offers research degrees and short courses.

There are also postgraduate degrees. The cheapest private colleges have titles that include applied theatre, producing, stage management, and technical arts. Dame Judi Dench, Cicely Berry, and Joss Ackland are alumni.

Croydon College

This is one of the cheapest private colleges with the number of students. It accepts students of all genders and ages. There are recording studios, a library, a performance hall, and study spaces.

The cheapest private colleges entry is the Croydon School of Art. David Bowie, Noel Fielding, and Helen Chadwick are some of its famous alumni.